Lumberjack Games!

Created by The Bears & Humans at Prolific Games

Casual games about lumberjacks, including the Flapjacks & Sasquatches Dice Game, Lumberjacks with Rocket Launchers, and Squatch & Seek.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

📓 Early December Progress Report
6 months ago – Wed, Dec 06, 2023 at 09:55:51 AM


  • All print files are at press
  • BackerKit is (still) coming soon

🚀 All Games are at Press

All of the print files for all three games — the Flapjacks & Sasquatches Dice Game, Lumberjacks with Rocket Launchers, and Squatch & Seek — are with our factory.

The soft proof of the press sheet for the Flapjacks & Sasquatches Dice Game's Standard Edition tuckbox.

(There is one modest exception that you almost certainly don't care about. We're creating a 12-unit countertop display for Squatch & Seek for retail stores. This was a late-breaking idea, and we've only just received the dielines for it, so we're still working on its graphics. The odds that this will affect our timeline are extremely small, and we'll abandon it before we allow it to make backer deliveries late.)

🏢 BackerKit: Still Coming Soon

The pledge manager is still not ready to go, due mostly to a crunch of other work. We were hoping it would be in the wild by now.

That said, we have never planned to charge shipping until the new year, to avoid being taxed on the funds by collecting them in a year different from the one where we pay the shipping expenses. And since we have months and months to go before we need your shipping details, this delay causes no delivery timeline peril at all.

As mentioned last month, please make sure you are set to receive emails from the domain, such as by whitelisting it in your spam filter.

Thanks for backing! If you ever have questions about this campaign, don't hesitate to send a DM on Kickstarter, or an email to [email protected].

📓 Early November Progress Report
7 months ago – Thu, Nov 02, 2023 at 09:29:38 AM


  • We’ve received funding
  • Pancake dice are on round two
  • BackerKit is coming soon
  • 35% off webstore offer

💰 Funding is Complete

Kickstarter has collected your funds, earned a few weeks interest on them, and deposited them in our checking account. There the money sits, ready to pay the printer as our invoices come due.

If your charge failed for whatever reason — and there are always legitimate reasons — don’t worry. You’ll have a chance to rectify it in the pledge manager.

🥞 Pancake Dice Round 2

The production of the clear resin pancake dice is the longest leg of our production process. In recent correspondence with our partners at Foam Brain, we learned that they were not happy with the quality of the first mold for those dice, so they’ve requested another.

As things stand today, this is unlikely to affect our delivery timeline, because ample time has been allotted for the unexpected. But we will obviously keep you posted in future updates.

🏢 BackerKit: Coming Soon

We’ll use BackerKit — as we have on previous Left Justified Studio campaigns — as our pledge manager. This means we’ll collect your shipping details and shipping payments there. You’ll also have the chance to add more items to your order that way, such as if you need more copies of Squatch & Seek than your pledge level provides.

When the time comes, you’ll get an invitation at the email address you use for Kickstarter. We’ll also link to it in updates here. Please make sure you will receive emails from the domain (such as by whitelisting it in your spam filter), and/or making sure to read our updates.

As a cautionary tale, we received an email earlier this week from a Broken and Beautiful backer who had no idea we had been fulfilling that game for nearly a year, in spire of more than a dozen attempts to contact everyone by both of the aforementioned channels. Don’t let that be you come late 2024!

🎁 35% Off Webstore Orders!

As a special thank you for backing, use the discount code BACKERSPECIAL to get 35% off anything and everything on the Prolific Games webstore for the next week. That's not combinable with other offers, but you can still get free shipping at $40.

We appreciate you!


Thanks for backing, loggers!

🎉 Success! Thank You, Backers!
8 months ago – Tue, Sep 26, 2023 at 07:09:07 PM


  • You did it!

🔓 Squatch & Seek: Unlocked

It came down to the wire. With both of the possible routes to unlock Squatch & Seek inches from the finish line as the clock counted down, it occurred to us that it didn't make much sense to get nearly all the way to a stretch goal by two different routes… and then not unlock it. It would be like scarfing down eleven donuts out of two different dozens and claiming you hadn't eaten 12. So we decided to prorate the Bacon Log progress toward its 100-helper end and add that quantity to the adjusted backer count.

So, success! We wound up at 107% of the adjusted count we needed, Squatch & Seek is unlocked, and we're grateful to everyone for pushing up until the last minute.

 🕑 It's Just the Beginning, Of Course

We will probably not do much tomorrow, but the day after that we'll get started on printer files and the pledge manager.

If you have any questions or concerns, now or any time, you can always reach us here by Kickstarter DM, or by email at [email protected].  

 🙏 Thank You!

We're grateful for your support and your trust, backers. Thanks for signing up and coming along for the ride.


Thanks for backing!

⏲️ The Clock is Ticking, Only a Few Hours Remain
8 months ago – Tue, Sep 26, 2023 at 02:54:12 PM


  • Three ways to help push Squatch & Seek over the edge in the next three and a half hours

1. Rally Support

As of this writing we only need (checks spreasheet) 31 more backers to unlock Squatch & Seek. [Good news: I have had to update this number multiple times while writing this update.] Even $1 backers move the needle. Go outside and flag down a lumberjack!

Progress today has been fantastic — thank you to everyone who's been rallying support. It's continuing to look like it's going to be down to the wire, so don't let up!

2. Pre-pay Add-ons

Backers have asked whether they can pay for add-ons now in order to help generate Bacon toward our Squatch & Seek Helpers stretch goal. The answer is yes! You can pre-pay…

  • Collector Edition Wood Upgrade: If you're backing at the Collector tier and want to upgrade your maple Collector Edition to a mahogany Collector Edition, you can add $25 to your pledge.
  • Logging Camp Group Pledge Edition Upgrade(s): If you're doing a group pledge, upgrading a Standard Edition to a Deluxe Edition is a $21 upgrade, which you can do up to five times.
  • Just Squatch & Seek: If one of your friends only wants Squatch & Seek, they can pledge for $1, then add the game in the pledge manager, or pledge for $12 now to pre-pay the add-on cost of the game.

To prepay add-ons, just go to the campaign page, click "Change your pledge," add dollars to "Bonus support," and click "Pledge."

All of these add-ons can also be paid later, so don't feel like you have to do this. But if you can afford it and want to help us push forward, it's an option!

3. Let's Expand the Pool

To help entice folks, for backers at the Lumberjacks + Rocket Launchers and Basic Flapjacks tier, we're going to drop the Squatch & Seek pledge manager add-on price from $12 to $6, if unlocked.

We know you backers at all levels have been helping to spread the word and we want make sure you partake of the rewards, too.


We're almost there! Thank for your support, loggers!

🚨 The Last Day is Here and We Need You Help!
8 months ago – Tue, Sep 26, 2023 at 06:30:55 AM


  • We are only 58 backers or about $4,500 from unlocking Squatch & Seek — we can do it!
  • You can help by spreading the word and collecting Bacon
  • The campaign ends tonight
  • (🪓+🥞) Happy National Lumberjack Day! Happy National Pancake Day!

📆 It All Ends Today

The campaign ends tonight, loggers! There’s not much time, so today’s update is short and sweet.

We only need 58 more backers to unlock Squatch & Seek as a free game for most backers.

If you know someone who might like lightweight family games about lumberjacks that they can play with — or give as gifts to! —anyone they know, point them at our campaign:

Make sure you let them know…

  • Today is National Lumberjack Day! No better time!
  • Today is also National Pancake Day. (What? 🤯 No joke, they are the same day.)
  • Any pledge counts toward the goal, even $1.
  • The campaign ends tonight — they must not delay.

🚀 Helpers are On the Way, Too

The final stretch goal vote has been cast for Even More Squatch & Seek Helpers. This gives us a second route to unlocking Squatch & Seek, by adding about 4,500 Bacon Strips through any combination of new backers, funding dollars, or Bacon Stretches. (Scroll all the way down the Bacon Log for all the tasks you can do to earn more Bacon.)

⚖️ It’s Going to be Close!

The backers or Bacon we need are achievable for the final day of a Kickstarter campaign, but they are not trivial. We really want to include Squatch & Seek in this campaign. We are down to the wire. We need your help!

🎥 What's That Noise?

A video about lumberjacks with rocket launchers? That’s exactly what videographer Toby Ball and game designer Darrek Olson made last weekend. Have a look!


Thanks for your help, loggers!